Donate-A-Meal.com was launched as an interactive project to buy meals for over 16000 children living in in poverty in Düsseldorf. The campaign received an incredible media coverage and generated conversations about child poverty solutions in the German Government. Since 2009, the website is generating enough funds to provide around 5 schools a month with food and the clients decided to keep it alive.

My role: concept, art direction, interaction, direction of the kids.

Awards: Gold Cannes Lion in the Digital category, Art Director's Club Germany, New York Festivals, Red Dot design awards


After filling the plates, you could see a summary of your donation in a fun, visual way.

Once you've finished the payment process, you can post a message to the plate gallery

It was a lot of fun directing the kids. Carl was my favorite, he took his role very serious.

Thousands of blogs posted the story about the campaign. And what's amazing is that only half of them were related to advertising. The other half were social, political, news and nutrition blogs.

Bild is the biggest newspaper in Germany and gave the campaign a full editorial spread.

Donate-A-Meal.com in the News on the most popular TV station in Germany: RTL