Gap - Spring Campaign

"Be Bright" is the new platform for the global GAP brand. A theme for communications. A new criterion. "Be Bright" is optimism, light, color, clarity, brilliance, innovation, insight, illumination, community, conservation, joy. For Spring, "Be Bright" is all about the feeling of wearing color.

My role: concept, art direction, casting, typography

Tokyo flagship store

The font story

TribbonGap is a custom font that was created for this campaign. I wasn't happy with the good old Helvetica and I wanted to give it a shot with something new. I've found it on initially as a design experiment. It looked great in the layouts and it received a lot of love from both our team and the clients. We contacted Dominic LeHair, the font designer, asked him to perfect it and create the complete characters for the 60 countries the campaign will run in. It's on top of my list to shoot a short documentary about how a major global brand cares about original typography. Call me a geek but I just wanted a font that no other billboard in the world would have.