We're bringing Kool-Aid Man back: Oh Yeah! And his old habit too: he's busting through walls again. Every time an "Oh Yeah!" would show up on TV or anywhere in the digital space, the Kool Aid Man will shortly follow, smashing through the screen.

Besides developing the integrated campaign concept, I was also pointed head of art and coordinated a team of designers and illustrators to give Kool Aid a relevant image in the digital space.

My role: overall concept, head of art, TV, digital and PR ideas

Every time, someone tweets "Oh Yeah!", The Kool Aid Man busts through the screen.

Every time, someone comments "Oh Yeah!" on YouTube, The Kool Aid Man busts through that particular video.

"Oh Yeah!" editorial launches the Kool Aid Man takeover in the New York Times

You can type in a site of your choice, copy the link and send it to your friends to surprise them.

Graphic elements from the new visual identity